Below is a list of recent Craven Plate results. You may notice a few repeat Craven Plate winners and horses that have placed well in previous years going on to win the Craven Plate. Keep this in mind when placing your bets at as previous winners, as well as second or third place finishers, may return the following year to take the title. Yippyio is a perfect example of this as he won in 1997, placed second in 1998, and won again in 2000. Gloaming’s effort was far more impressive, with three wins spanning six years.

Notable Craven Plate winners include The Barb (1868), Wakeful (1902), Gloaming (1919, 1922, 1924), Phar Lap (1929, 1930, 1931), Chatham (1932, 1933, 1934) and Tulloch (1960). Craven Plate winners are mainly very renowned horses. There are countless other first class horses who have appeared in the Craven Plate results throughout the years, since the race’s inauguration in 1867.

Craven Plate results since 1999 are below.

Craven Plate Results

Year Winner Second Third Time
2016 It’s Somewhat Spiritjim Pinstripe Lane 2:01.9
2015 Complacent Hauraki I’m Imposing 2:01.8
2014 Moriarty Rising Romance Vilanova 2:02.6
2013 Honorius Masked Marvel Vaquera 2:03.7
2012 Mourayan Western Symbol Dare To Dream 2:02.4
2011 My Kingdom Of Fife Shootoff Gazza Guru 2:04.3
2010 C’Est La Guerre Purple Triple Honour 2:02.2
2009 Miss Marielle Nom De Jeu Fulmonti 2:08.3
2008 Lorne Dancer Riva San Ice Chariot 2:06.4
2007 Race Not Run
2006 Cateclipse Testafiable Gawne 2:03.4
2005 Mummify Wild Iris Natural Blitz 2:03.1
2004 Fiery Venture Restless Ain’t Seen Nothin’ 2:07.8
2003 Shower of Roses So Assertive Mon Mekki 2:02.8
2002 Manner Hill Spillway Forest Jim 2:03.9
2001 The Man Altiero Viva La Vie 1:49.8
2000 Yippyio Pravda Freemason 2:05.6
1999 Tie The Knot Arena Pasta Express 2:01.7